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Always-live, dependency-free function calls as microservices

Simple Tools to Create Great Software

kodou.io lets software professionals and novices create software using the simple tools of Search and Compose. The many layers, stages, costs, and concerns of software development are removed.

Begin with Existing Code

The code you want to write today has probably been written 100x already, buried somewhere in your enterprise code base or an opensource repository. Why start a new code design process and subsequent development cycles when the solutions exist somewhere? Using existing code has many advantages over writing new code including time/cost savings, quality, and broader creative options.

kodou.io brings amazing advantages. It finds, reveals, and makes usable code buried within applications, and the code is ready (Live Functions) to run via an API call. The software development workflow is simple:

  • Search for code
  • Choose a function from the results
  • The function is ready to be called via the API.
  • Compose function with others, etc., for desired behavior as a service.

No compiler, IDE, deployment process, dependency management, or dependency conflicts.

kodou.io is a new workflow without new tools. Two kodou.io API calls replace DevOps details and the software development tool chain. It works across multiple languages. Allowing, for example, a Javascript programmer to leverage code from other languages. The kodou.io service includes the runtime servers for code execution.


Kodou provides two main services that change and simplify software development.

  • Live Functions
  • Dependency Service

Dependency Service

Dependencies are necessary components to an application. For example, Maven dependency lists specify the classes and resources needed for a Java application. Kodou provides an API to request a session with a list of required dependencies, and returns a token. With the session token, you can call any function found in those dependencies. With multiple session tokens you can make function calls across independent dependency environments. This solves the well known dependency conflict problem.

Live Functions Service

kodou.io finds functions in software repositories and make them available as Live Functions. In bulk they form a pool of available code. The functions come from open source or your corporate software repository. Live Functions are either already running behind our API or a simple click away.

Compose Live Functions to Make Services

Live Functions sit behind an API, easily called or composed with other Live Functions. Software engineers can quickly exploit the kodou.io service for rapid protoyping of new ideas, faster product shipping, and higher quality code. The service is intuitive, just make API calls. Software solutions can be found in the pool of Live Functions, and custom solutions can be composed from other Live Functions.


These optimal workflows walk you through a few high-impact tasks you can accomplish with your API.

Code Samples

Check out these code samples for common use cases to get up and running with the API as quickly as possible.


Looking for endpoints? The reference section lists details for every endpoint in the API.